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NEOCRC’s programs are focused on a child’s potential—not his or her limitations. Our fully licensed professional therapists are committed to empowering children to achieve the greatest quality of life possible through the development of new skills and greater self-esteem.

Physical Therapy

Promoting independence in mobility

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The NEO Children’s Rehabilitation Center is renowned for its physical therapy programs which treat children with movement problems due to illness, disease, or disability. By employing the latest techniques, our staff of physical therapists focus on building strength, improving flexibility and movement, and decreasing pain.

Occupational Therapy

Promoting learning, self-care and play skills

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Our occupational therapy (OT) program focuses on helping kids with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability. The goal? Getting them to the point where they can be as independent as possible. Our practitioners are highly skilled in addressing the unique challenges of typical and special needs children by employing intervention that improves fine motor development, eye-hand coordination, self-care skills and organization of sensory input.

Speech-Language Therapy

Developing language and communication skills

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Designed for children with speech disorders, the NEO Children’s Rehabilitation Center Speech-Language Therapy Program helps them with their actual production of sounds and putting words     together to communicate ideas. Disorders we treat include those affecting articulation, fluency,     cognition, social skills and understanding or expressing language.  

Infant Therapy

Promoting learning, self-care and play skills

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Infant Therapy focuses on special treatment protocols to children birth to 3-years who display difficulties in any area of development. 

Social Service Intervention

Promoting healthy family relationships that help children

And families work together to reach treatment goals


NEOCRC’s social service intervention program promotes healthy family relationships and helps children reach treatment goals by developing coping strategies, providing patient education, social skills training and connecting families with other local service agencies when needed.

Medical Direction Supervision

Ensuring high quality medical and professional services
To our children through the on-staff medical director


The work of our therapists is reviewed by NEOCRC’s On-Staff Medical Director who consults on and reviews patient Plans of Care.

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